Lovely mittens

My daughter made these mittens all by herself! I'm so proud of her! The mittens are made from a blanket, the cuffs and buttons are from an old … [Fortsätt läsa]

Another evening with pretty lanterns

It's fun to find something useful to do with the cold we've been experiencing lately. Actually, it's not been that cold other for a couple of days. … [Fortsätt läsa]

Ice lantern week

This is turning into ice lantern week, but I don't mind! I love making perishable art work, and also getting some practical and fun use out of the … [Fortsätt läsa]

Why make one, when you can make many

Ice lanterns, that is. I just can't seem to get enough of them! This one is more like an ice shell, and it is just beautiful in the dusk! I … [Fortsätt läsa]

Ice lovelies

I can't seem to get enough of making ice lanterns! They're just so fun to make, and it's always a bit extra fun to make art that is perishable, just … [Fortsätt läsa]

More ice lanterns

This is so much fun! I keep looking around to find more things to try and freeze into ice to make pretty ice lanterns. The artificial flowers … [Fortsätt läsa]

DIY Ice lantern with lace

  We're having a real cold spell at the moment, making the weather perfect for ice lanterns! I wanted to try something new so I stuffed … [Fortsätt läsa]

DIY Key to the Heart-brooch

I made another brooch made from recycled materials. I started with cutting out a heart shape out of cardboard, and then sewed a lot of white lace … [Fortsätt läsa]

Winter Beauty

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Bathroom details

We started off the kids' winter vacation by cleaning the house - and it will hopefully turn into a tradition, because oh, does it feel good to have a … [Fortsätt läsa]