So many thoughts, so little time to spare

I suddenly have so much I want to blog about, but time just doesn't seem to want to adhere to my version of reality (the one where there's 48 hours to … [Fortsätt läsa]

Crayfish parties – a quintessential Swedish affair

Can you get any more Swedish than a crayfish party? I think the only thing more Swedish might be the celebrations on Midsummer's Eve, but both … [Fortsätt läsa]

DIY quick Leia-buns

We went to WorldCon a while back, and I quickly had to make princess Leia-buns. They don't look nearly as perfect as the real Leia's buns, but they … [Fortsätt läsa]

Talking to your kids about terrorism

Now it is our turn to talk to our kids about terrorism. I had hoped we would never have to face it, but here it is, and luckily we weren't in the … [Fortsätt läsa]

Summer musings

It is definitely August and Harvest Month (the old Norse word for it) in the garden right now! So much to do, and so little that I do... I just don't … [Fortsätt läsa]

Changing my bucket list

You have to be in a certain state to have an aha-moment, and I definitely was when we were on the cruise. Which I am so grateful for. I've been … [Fortsätt läsa]

Being part of a minority

I've started on the material for the "Writing the Other"-class that starts next week, and that got me thinking about the particular minority I belong … [Fortsätt läsa]

This is where part of my heart lives

I'm just going to pretend nothing like the news exists, and just post pretty pictures today. We had such a wonderful time on the cruise, and it was … [Fortsätt läsa]

Interview with Niklas about what it was like to be a spouse on the Writing Excuses Retreat

So how was it like being a writer's spouse on the cruise? It was fun to see you are not as odd as I've believed! There are plenty others that are … [Fortsätt läsa]

Writing Excuses Cruise – tips and tricks

What I did that worked: Before going on the cruise I tried to read as many of the authors as I could. That turned out to be not all of them, … [Fortsätt läsa]