Den första frosten



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Autumn is my favorite color



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Yellow umbrella in the forest

We have so much fun dressing up and taking pictures! In these pictures my daughter is wearing her great great grandmother's jacket, a skirt I made out … [Fortsätt läsa]

I am two mothers

I am the mother who cuddles in the bed with her sweet little boy nestled in her and her husband's arms, and everything will be okay, despite the boy … [Fortsätt läsa]

A full life

Less than two weeks ago, my grandmother died, and now her apartment is emptied, her few belongings placed wherever they are needed and the funeral … [Fortsätt läsa]

Writing the Other

I've been blogging almost constantly for many years now, and what happens when I do a writer's course? I stop writing. Or not really, I've only … [Fortsätt läsa]

Autumn glory

Sometimes I need to relax by taking pictures. And my daughter is my willing accomplice. Autumn colors, a thrift shop-dress, a cape that I sewed … [Fortsätt läsa]

Sweet little pumpkin

Last year I got to do a lovely photoshoot with two parents-to-be and some pumpkins - more pictures here. It was such a huge honor, and so much fun! … [Fortsätt läsa]

Autumn princess

Sometimes we play dress up, my daughter and I. Most of the time we only fantasize about dressing up - she is the princess of Pargasia, our … [Fortsätt läsa]

Our dream bathroom

I can't believe we've only had our lovely bathroom for a year! A year ago this room was finally finished, and we've spent so many relaxing … [Fortsätt läsa]