Kottar i brasan

Här kommer ett superenkelt julklappstips och husmorsknep – helt vanliga kottar blir utmärkta braständare om man doppar dem i stearin!

Ta en helt vanlig kotte som har fällt sina frön. Smält stearinstumpar ovanför vattenbad och doppa kotten i stearinet och låt torka. Jag håller i kotten i ena sidan och doppar den för hand, låter torka och doppar sen andra sidan. Lätt som en plätt och brinner alldeles utmärkt!

Man behöver inte doppa kottarna mer än ett lager – blir det för tjockt med stearing tar det längre tid för kotten att fatta eld.

Ställ tändkotten upp och ner när du ska tända den. Som jag brukar säga åt mina ungar: tänk på hur elden brinner – den söker sig uppåt, dvs tänd kotten understifrån så smälter stearinet och sprider sig till omgivande ved och du får snabbt en varm brasa!



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Feeling the urge for Christmas and christmassing and everything that goes along with that!

I don’t know what happened, but we actually made some Christmas ornaments yesterday! Pics to come once I get them photographed. Our ornaments are so cute, the kids and I had such a fun time making them!

It might have something to do with the nights being just so long and so dark here in southern Finland in November, and also that I have hardly visited a store for ages and haven’t seen all the too early-Christmas items for sale. This year I kind of feel the urge to decorate for Christmas much earlier than I usually do.

So far, I’ve managed to get a hold of myself, and I light so many candles every day and keep my trigger happy hand away from the Christmas music button on Spotify. But next weekend the gloves come off, and the Christmas ornaments come out from their boxes under the stairs!

It’s just too dark here to not have glittery shiny things all around us.

P.S. Lately I’ve been really focused on the differences between English and Swedish, and one thing is we don’t have that debate about the word Christmas that you do (although we do have equally stupid debates about stupid things because people often want to misinterpret things). The word sticks out when you write in English – in Swedish it is just so simple. We still call the holiday Jul (Yule) in spite of it supposedly nowadays being a Christian holiday, and in spite of nobody remembering what the word originally meant. That is a perfect solution to a tricky question, because nobody gets offended by a word they don’t even know the meaning of!

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