A glimmering Christmas tree

The Christmas Tree is dressed, waiting for Christmas and all of a sudden our house is transformed.

I didn’t get the Nordic memo, so our tree is a glittering plastic one (also: I’m allergic! I am so glad there are alternatives to real trees)

Our kids get to draw on a bauble to commemorate Christmas. I used to have this idea of buying a new ornament every year, but this is a much cheaper and easier solution, and one that I love more.

The star on the top of a tree got a tweak in the form of a crocheted star that I made.

There are a lot of cords behind this tree, and I hide them with this decoration that I made of an old wine box plus a lot of glittery items.

The pine cones were from my grandmother’s tree. I dipped them in silver and hang them using fishing wire.

The ornaments are a mix of old, new, glass, plastic and DIY

My favorite ones are the birds that I made using pictures that my dad took.

The gold star with the angel is the very first ornament I got when I was little.

Here’s to a happy Christmas!

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Pepparkakstips + Instagram!

För ett tag sen insåg jag att jag ville dela med mig av entusiasmen för pepparkakshus, så jag startade gruppen Allt om pepparkakshus på Facebook – välkommen med dit om du vill ha tips om pepparkakshus, eller vill dela med dig av dina egna projekt! Det är så himla kul att se allas projekt, och att hitta andra entusiaster!

I’ve got a small Facebookgroup about Gingerbread houses – you are very welcome to join us there! We write in Swedish, but the pictures usually speak for themselves, and I am sure everyone knows enough English to answer any questions anyone would have in that language!

Jag har också fixat ett nytt Instagramkonto, den här gången med bilder som jag tar på dottern. Fairytales from Pargasia heter det för det handlar om mitt barnboksprojekt (som än så länge är nåt som bara mina barn får läsa), där min dotter är prinsessa av Pargasien. Välkommen att följa med här!

I also have a new Instagram account, featuring the pictures I take of my daughter as the Princess of Pargasia – a fairytale character that I’ve invented. If you want to follow us on our adventures, you are most welcome!

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