Bathroom details

We started off the kids’ winter vacation by cleaning the house – and it will hopefully turn into a tradition, because oh, does it feel good to have a clean house for once! Aside from that, Niklas and I both finished a lot of unfinished projects around the house, including installing hooks and hanging artwork. Little projects like that, that sometimes seem to add up, and then when you’re finally finished with them you wonder why you ever put them off.

I found this bag at a thrift shop, and it fits perfectly in our bathroom, concealing stuff I don’t want to have lying around, but still need to have access to.

This African painting is also a thrift store-find. I wish I knew who the artist was, or which country it was made in!

The malachite figurines I bought in South Africa fit in perfectly with the green-blue color scheme.

The bathroom has already from the start felt like ours, but it feels even more so now!


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Silver & Bone – a zombie western!

When we came home in August from the Writing Excuses cruise, my to-be-read-list had grown extensively and I was looking forward to reading loads of new books all year long. But then I just couldn’t! Every book I picked up I started analyzing, or my mind wandered off inventing new magic systems or I was trying to figure out the foreshadowing all the time.

It felt as if I had broken my brain! Suddenly reading wasn’t as pleasurable as it used to be, but I struggled through it. Lots of my reading this last autumn was for the Writing the Other-course, which meant a bunch of books mostly on writing. But then something happened during Christmas. I decided that no, I was not going to read through my tbr-list in the order I had bought them – I was going to read just for pleasure.

I started with Oliver Altair’Silver & Bone – a pulpy fun western, that was just my cup of tea at that point of time. We met Oliver on the cruise and he is such a lovely person, and it was such a treat to read his book! I love westerns and I love pulp fiction, fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time, and that was just the perfect book for me to get back to enjoying reading.

Magic, cowboys, and zombies. Welcome to Souls Well, Colorado.

After an avalanche decimates the population, it’s up to sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts to keep his remote, mining town from falling apart. But it won’t be easy. An infamous outlaw is terrorizing the streets. A snake oil salesman is bamboozling the townsfolk, aided by his seductive assistant. On top of all that, the dead are disappearing from their graves.

When murder comes to town and a mystical power awakens beneath the rumbling mountains, Tiberius will have to race against time to save Souls Well from a terrible cataclysm. His only chance is to open his mind to the ancient art of alchemy: an arcane magic that can lead him to his victory… Or his doom.

Oliver Altair’s Silver & Bone is the first installment in American Alchemy: Wild West. The series offers a new twist on the American epic. From a graveyard under the moonlight, through the forests of the San Juan mountains, to the tunnels of an abandoned mine, Silver & Bone will take you on a ride you’ll never forget.

If you’re a fan of dark, historical fantasy and enjoy Weird Westerns like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower , HBO’s Westworld or DC Comics’ Jonah Hex, you’ll love Silver & Bone.

Ever since I’ve been reading whatever books I have gotten my hands on, and in no particular order. Chicklit, YA, literary fiction – whatever strikes my fancy. At the moment I have a pile of westerns awaiting me – no zombies and fantasy elements in them though, but when I need my fix on that front, I’ll just pick up the next one in Oliver’s series!


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