Kottar i brasan

Här kommer ett superenkelt julklappstips och husmorsknep – helt vanliga kottar blir utmärkta braständare om man doppar dem i stearin!

Ta en helt vanlig kotte som har fällt sina frön. Smält stearinstumpar ovanför vattenbad och doppa kotten i stearinet och låt torka. Jag håller i kotten i ena sidan och doppar den för hand, låter torka och doppar sen andra sidan. Lätt som en plätt och brinner alldeles utmärkt!

Man behöver inte doppa kottarna mer än ett lager – blir det för tjockt med stearing tar det längre tid för kotten att fatta eld.

Ställ tändkotten upp och ner när du ska tända den. Som jag brukar säga åt mina ungar: tänk på hur elden brinner – den söker sig uppåt, dvs tänd kotten understifrån så smälter stearinet och sprider sig till omgivande ved och du får snabbt en varm brasa!



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DIY striped candles

I make so many candles all winter, using old pringles-jars.

These turned out quite nicely, despite being made from many different colored candles.

I’ve written about how I make the candles in this blogpost (in Swedish).

They’re easy to make, cost almost nothing and are so pretty to look at! Instant ”hygge”!


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Autumn is my favorite color



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Yellow umbrella in the forest

We have so much fun dressing up and taking pictures! In these pictures my daughter is wearing her great great grandmother’s jacket, a skirt I made out of African wax-cloth, a necklace I’ve made and a hat I’ve made from scratch.

To top it off, my daughter got to use my grandmother’s vintage umbrella in mint condition – I love the color on it! And we both love taking these pictures!


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Autumn glory

Sometimes I need to relax by taking pictures. And my daughter is my willing accomplice.

Autumn colors, a thrift shop-dress, a cape that I sewed from some old sheet I found at a flea market – plus half an hour of posing and taking pictures. We don’t spend too much time on the photo shoots, they’re supposed to be fun and not stressful. I find a nice spot, place my daughter and click away on the camera.

This is what I think of as her Ozma-look. We love the Oz-books by L. Frank Baum, and we always pretend that Ozma looks just like this. And I am always Billina!

I had planned on wearing the cape myself for a different project, but it was perfect for this photo shoot. So easy to make as well – I cut  circles at the top and bottom, and made a hem plus a lining.

The necklace is one I made out of old jewelry and beads.

I made the flower crown out of different fabrics – a kitchen towel, a striped sheet (thrift shop find) and some schweschwe fabric that I had at home.

We have so much fun together!


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Autumn princess

Sometimes we play dress up, my daughter and I.

Most of the time we only fantasize about dressing up – she is the princess of Pargasia, our fictional country, and I am the King (who is female). When she was little, she was usually Darth Vader and I was Gandalf, but we’ve moved on from that. Sometimes we dress as Pokemon, sometimes just as plain ourselves, and every night I pretend that my youngest son’s Pink Panther, called Pinkis, is talking. Pinkis asks the kids about their days and tells jokes and tell tales about my childhood – not all of them true!

We love dressing up. We love trying on new characters. We love pretending we have superpowers. And sometimes those stories end up in a picture.


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Our dream bathroom

I can’t believe we’ve only had our lovely bathroom for a year!

A year ago this room was finally finished, and we’ve spent so many relaxing hours in it since.

When standing in my workspace, you have no idea what the bathroom behind that pink door will be like!

The pink door is an old shop door from 1896 that we brought with us from Copenhagen. I love that we still have something from our old apartment here. 

It sort of gives us a sense of being on vacation when we soak in the tub, with the candles glowing and soft music in the background. Like being in a place far away from everyday life.

This is definitely my dream bathroom. I wouldn’t change a single thing, and I love that it’s a DIY-project! (and thank you Dad, once more for making the mosaic floor tiles for me!)


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DIY White statement necklace

This was a fun necklace to make, but it was finished too soon – sometimes I like that it takes hours and hours to sew a piece.

I used so many bigger beads (two old broken bracelets that I found at a flea market), there just wasn’t that many beads to sew.

I like this nuance of white. And this particular red.

The round white beads were from a necklace, and the flat white ones were from two different thrift shop-necklaces.

A fun necklace to make, and to wear! I was feeling really fancy on the cruise in my retro gown and DIY-necklace!

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Heartflower DIY

”Did I give this flower to you already?”

”No, you didn’t, Mom!”

My memory sometimes is not to be relied on – this is a flower clip I made for my daughter, probably two years ago! I cut out a lot of felt hearts and sewed them together into a flower, and then sewed on a red button. Easy peasy. Just forgot to give it to my daughter…  Luckily she is not too old yet to wear stuff her Mom makes!

P.S. The felt is some old felt I found at a flea market, and the button is a hand me down.

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Prinsessor i skogen



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