Family fun – going for walks

I really enjoy going for walks with my family, and most often we visit the woods nearby our home, but sometimes we go for walks at other places like in nearby Turku/Åbo (some places in Finland have names in both Finnish and Swedish)

I usually bring my camera, and we take turns taking pictures – the one who’s most inspired or bored get to use the camera! 

Turku is such an interesting town to visit, with lots of sculptures all along the riverside.

There’s something interesting anywhere you look.

I always enjoy all the details of the old houses, and think about all the people who have lived in them.

At the moment you can see both Easter and Christmas decorations! With the weather we’ve been having, it’s no wonder – it looks more like Christmas than Spring outside! 

One of the nicer thing about the kids getting older  – they can keep up with us adults for longer and longer walks, and we have so much fun when we stroll around playing Pokemon Go and talking and taking pictures!

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