Ice lantern week

This is turning into ice lantern week, but I don’t mind! I love making perishable art work, and also getting some practical and fun use out of the cold spell that we’re having. It’s not every winter you have a whole week or more of minus degrees!

This was fun to try – freezing hama beads! First I froze a bit of water in the mold (the white part), then I added more water and hama beads, just to see what would happen. And when it’s starting to thaw, I’ll just put the whole lantern into a bucket and let the ice melt and collect all the beads. These are the extra large version.

This lantern has kind of an Eastern theme to it, which is fitting this year, because I hardly think we’ll see spring by then!

The pink lace is much nicer frozen in ice than in real life, I think. There is just something alluring about lace that is frozen mid-float in a chunk of ice.

The hama beads add a nice splash of color.

I’ve placed some of my lanterns outside the yard where other people can enjoy them as well, and not just us. They are just so fascinating to look at, my ice lanterns!


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