More ice lanterns

This is so much fun! I keep looking around to find more things to try and freeze into ice to make pretty ice lanterns.

The artificial flowers turned out quite nicely.

They look even prettier in a close-up.

It will be nice to see how this lantern looks in the evening when everything is dark

I made another lantern using an old doily. I quite like these that are not completely stark white, but have a bit of color in them.

I also tried to put a picture in a bucket. Parts of the ink on the picture rubbed off in the process, but that only adds to the effect in my opinion.

If I manage to put fairy lights under this one, it will look quite nice in the evening as well.

This is the one I made yesterday, still burning prettily outside in our yard. 

They make quite a lovely addition to the garden during wintertime – not much else happening right now than snow and ice!



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