DIY Reusable food wraps

I always try to find ways we can both

  1. save money
  2.  be environmentally conscious

When I heard about people making their own reusable Bee’s wraps, I knew that was a project I needed to try out. However, it turned out finding the right ingredients that the first recipe required wasn’t that easy, so I kind of forgot about it. Until Apartment Therapy did a post about Reusable wraps. Their recipe seemed easy, but in the comment section I found an even easier method that suited me better so I tried out that.

1. I cut pieces of old, used fabric with pinking shears. I made some bigger pieces, some smaller ones. The exact measurements aren’t that important – you can cut the fabric smaller afterward, and since the beeswax permeates the fabric, it will still work perfectly. Since the fabric will cover food, there is no point in using non-organic newly made fabric that is filled with chemicals, but older many-times-washed fabrics are perfect for this if you don’t get your hands on some organic cotton.

2. I heated sheets of beeswax plus coconut oil in a bowl on one of our wood burning stoves, at about a 10:1 ratio. I would have used a double boiler if I hadn’t already had this perfect place of melting wax. Our house smells wonderfully of beeswax now, by the way!

3. I dipped the fabric in the melted wax and used a pair of pincers to pick it up. Then I squeezed the extra wax off the fabric, trying not to burn myself in the process. I used a piece of undipped fabric for the squeezing.

4. Lastly, I held onto the fabric and waved it around in the air for a few seconds, letting the wax cool and set.

To use the fabric – just wrap it around the bowl and warm it with your hands. It should be a bit sticky so that it actually clings to the bowl or glass, so you might have to wash your hands afterwards.

You can wash off any food stains afterward with cold water and some soap – heat makes the wax melt off the fabric, but then again, if that happens you can always redo the process. Store the waxed fabrics in a drawer or a basket.

Super easy, so much fun to make and above all a practical way for us to limit the amount of cling film we use. Plus the waxed fabric looks really pretty!


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  1. Det ska jag prova. Undrar om man kunde använda gamla tygnäsdukar till detta eller är de för tunt tyg. Ska tyget vara stadigt eller går det med lite tunnare tyg också?

    • Tror nog det går bra med tunt tyg, så länge som det inte är alltför brett mellan maskorna – man vill ha det lufttätt så att det fungerar som det ska!

  2. Å, det här vill jag också göra! Jag tycker inte alls om att använda plast, det här är ju mycket bättre och roligare! Plus att jag har en del gamla, handtryckta restbitar som jag gärna skulle använda till något roligt och ädelt som det här! Tack för inspirationen!


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