DIY Snow Queen-tiara

This was such an easy tiara to make, and so much fun!

I started with a plain white headband. I used uncolored glue and glued strings of it on a sheet of parchment paper all around the headband. This turned out not to be the best method though! I’ll show you how in a bit.

Then I glued more globs of glue, a thick layer of it closest to the headband where I stuck a bunch of diamonds. While the glue was still sticky, I sprinkled the tiara with lots of glitter.

But as I said – I hadn’t thought it through! The headband when it’s relaxed so to speak, is not shaped like the head it’s supposed to sit on. At this stage, I realized I needed to test the tiara, and it turned out it wasn’t bendy enough!

I fixed that by bending it around a suitable bowl, and then adding more glue.

Not a perfect oval, but that didn’t matter – it doesn’t show up in the pictures, and I added more snowflakes and diamonds.

All these items have been waiting in my craft cupboard for the right project.

Light yellow snowflakes, light gray snowflakes, a whole bunch of plastic diamonds and white glitter.

The tiara is really pretty up close!

And it suits our snow queen perfectly! I decided not to glue the big snowflakes into place, but instead threaded them onto a piece of silvery string that I wrapped around the head and fastened underneath the tiara.


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