A day in blue and white

We’ve had such a relaxing Independence Day, and it turned out to be much more festive than I had thought – a friend called and suggested a walk, so we started out with my favorite walk in the nature conservation area nearby our home.

We started off by watching the ceremony by the church – men and women, each representing someone who was killed in the war, were honor guards on this solemn occasion, and a choir sang.

The war (WWII) is very much on people’s minds still here in Finland

Then it was time for a walk – perfect winter weather!

Some of us got to play Pokemon Go!

Taking a break from running around with their stick horses.

Back home again for some hot chocolate and games.

We had time for making some Christmas decorations, then it was off to the next activity.

Blue and white flags everywhere.

Our small town invited everyone to a gathering with music, poetry, and an awesome light and sound-show

Some of the buildings were lit up by pictures, all symbolizing something about Finland.

It was a really fun experience!

Even nature obliged with an extraordinarily beautiful winter’s day. Have a happy Independence Day, wherever you are!


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