Autumn thoughts

Little by little our house feels more like our house. Every time I think we’re finished, I come up with something that need tweaking. This time it was our system for the mugs that we use everyday. We only needed some hooks and a practical place to put them, and voila – all five mugs ready to use right next to the fridge.

So much harvesting to do these days!

We freeze the chilies and eat the tomatoes. I’ve been moving chili plants into the smaller greenhouse all afternoon, where they will be much happier and warmer during the nights.

My daughter keeps bringing home pretty leaves!

We got  almost the whole house cleaned yesterday – thanks, Mom! It feels great, although the bunny is now busy running around like a maniac sniffing at everything.

Trying to get some writing done, but it’s not easy during the weekends when the kids are home. But we’ve been chasing Pokemon instead! It is so much fun, and we all get much needed exercise.

Maybe it’s not too bad autumn is already here.

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