So much to do (and bunnies!)

Every day I think to myself – today is the day I blog about the cruise, and the Ancient Fires-night, and the garden and my new DIY-project – and everyday there just doesn’t seem to be that particular time and space that I need for the blog.

Mainly because I’m so busy doing stuff, like a course about Writing the Other, texts for my new writing group, translating my WIP (work in progress) and just trying to get healthy. One week on a cruise ship followed by school starting and troubles with my eyesight have definitely taken a toll! Which is also why I try not to force myself to the computer at other times of the day than those when I’m supposed to be writing.

Also, bunny…!

It’s a bit distracting to have a little buddy who wants you to pet him all the time, or when he doesn’t he runs through the house with glee!


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