DIY quick Leia-buns

We went to WorldCon a while back, and I quickly had to make princess Leia-buns. They don’t look nearly as perfect as the real Leia’s buns, but they were good enough for my Leia, and took maybe five minutes to make. Which is good enough for me!

I had some fake hair lying around since years before when I did weaves and braids. 

I parted the hair, and took a small piece of each of the piles and wound it around a plastic hair band. I used my trusty glue gun to glue the end pieces to the hair band, and just wound the hair around and around until the plastic was covered.

I took one piece of long hair and wound it around my hand until it was an approximation of Leia’s buns . Then I sewed it together to the plastic hair band using some black thread.

A quick DIY, that would have been better if I could have found my hair nets somewhere! But our Leia was good happy with it, and that’s what counts.

She always used to dress up as Darth Vader when she was little, and do the voice and all. And the first ”words” that we heard her ”say” was to sing the Imperial March! But we kind of have our own version of Star Wars where Leia got a lightsaber just like Luke’s, and where she has a tiara!


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