DIY Chocolate eggs

Some of us have dietary restrictions, but it might be fun to get a chocolate egg despite that.

I made a chocolate egg that I filled with a lego toy for one of our kids, using chocolate that is without any of the ingredients that he is allergic to.

Egg molds can be found online or at specialty stores that sell cake decorating supplies.

You should temper the chocolate if you want it to have a nice sheen, but since my eggs were all for kids who don’t care a bit how the chocolate looks, I just ignored that and microwaved the chocolate.

The egg turned out really great, and I hope the surprise on the inside will please the receiver!

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DIY Decoupaged letter

I’ve had this wooden letter B hanging around our house for a long while, ever since I found it in a thrift shop.  I finally got around to decoupaging it when I was going through my stack of pretty papers.

I cut a lot of paper strips and glued them to the wooden letter using decoupage glue.

The glue also works as a sealer, which is great – you don’t need to seal it separately.

It’s pretty and suits our family perfectly, and now I get to look at pieces of all my favorite papers every day.


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DIY Meditation pillow

I’ve been meditating for a while, and though I like to sit on a chair and meditate, or meditate out in the woods (can be uncomfortable or cold this time of year!) or sitting in my bed, I also sometimes want to just sit on the floor. But that position is not too good for long time meditating, which made me google meditation pillows. I found these instructions and made a pillow out of an old curtain fabric (a thrift shop find) and some gray fabric for pants that I got from my grandmother ages ago and never got around to do anything with. They turned out perfect for this project!

I used dried peas and cotton as filling, which works well because I get the stability I want from the peas, and softness from the cotton. The pillow also works perfectly for me when I sit and write. I still have aches after giving birth almost 15 years ago, and I usually have one of those plastic ergonomics pillows, but this one feels even better. This one I can mold until it is just the right fit for me.


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The beeswax wraps after a month of use

It’s been a while since I made the beeswax-covered cloths, and I never imagined we would use them as much as we do!

We pretty much wrap everything in them – leftover sweet potatoes that haven’t yet been cooked, bowls of whipped cream and glasses filled with egg yolks. They’re just so practical, and smell so good!

You can see the usage in them – the beeswax tends to gather in the folds, but that is easily remedied by a pair of warm hands.

We fold them and store them in a big bowl in the kitchen, ready for immediate use. And they smell so good! I keep going on about it, but it’s just – there’s something about beeswax that smells so delicious, and I’m happy my kids will associate this smell with their childhood!



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Lovely mittens

My daughter made these mittens all by herself! I’m so proud of her!

The mittens are made from a blanket, the cuffs and buttons are from an old sweater that I was going to throw out.

It’s always such a wonderful feeling when you’ve made something all by yourself!

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Another evening with pretty lanterns

It’s fun to find something useful to do with the cold we’ve been experiencing lately. Actually, it’s not been that cold other for a couple of days. Just this day the sun was shining, and we had a lovely day walking on the ice.

Happy Sunday, wherever you are!

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Ice lantern week

This is turning into ice lantern week, but I don’t mind! I love making perishable art work, and also getting some practical and fun use out of the cold spell that we’re having. It’s not every winter you have a whole week or more of minus degrees!

This was fun to try – freezing hama beads! First I froze a bit of water in the mold (the white part), then I added more water and hama beads, just to see what would happen. And when it’s starting to thaw, I’ll just put the whole lantern into a bucket and let the ice melt and collect all the beads. These are the extra large version.

This lantern has kind of an Eastern theme to it, which is fitting this year, because I hardly think we’ll see spring by then!

The pink lace is much nicer frozen in ice than in real life, I think. There is just something alluring about lace that is frozen mid-float in a chunk of ice.

The hama beads add a nice splash of color.

I’ve placed some of my lanterns outside the yard where other people can enjoy them as well, and not just us. They are just so fascinating to look at, my ice lanterns!


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Why make one, when you can make many

Ice lanterns, that is. I just can’t seem to get enough of them!

This one is more like an ice shell, and it is just beautiful in the dusk!

I made one with black lace, that I quite like.

I like that the ice has frozen in swathes of white around the lace.

The candles burn down quite far – the lanterns stand on a thick layer of snow.

I also froze a bouquet of tulips.

I like how the lanterns look different when you see them from a different angle. 

I like to mix the pretty with the bizarre, and pictures in ice are definitely the latter!

I’m also constructing a lantern made out of small chunks of ice made in silicone cupcake molds.

The tulips shift color in the daylight.

But it’s at dusk and nighttime that the lanterns really come into their own!

So much prettiness in the cold.


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Ice lovelies

I can’t seem to get enough of making ice lanterns! They’re just so fun to make, and it’s always a bit extra fun to make art that is perishable, just like making gingerbread houses.



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More ice lanterns

This is so much fun! I keep looking around to find more things to try and freeze into ice to make pretty ice lanterns.

The artificial flowers turned out quite nicely.

They look even prettier in a close-up.

It will be nice to see how this lantern looks in the evening when everything is dark

I made another lantern using an old doily. I quite like these that are not completely stark white, but have a bit of color in them.

I also tried to put a picture in a bucket. Parts of the ink on the picture rubbed off in the process, but that only adds to the effect in my opinion.

If I manage to put fairy lights under this one, it will look quite nice in the evening as well.

This is the one I made yesterday, still burning prettily outside in our yard. 

They make quite a lovely addition to the garden during wintertime – not much else happening right now than snow and ice!



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